Saturday, October 22, 2022

Power of One Explained


The Power of One report is published each month. The report is compiled from the activity that is reported in the PALMS report for the previous six months. The report along with the Palms report shows the activity of each member. The Power of One report shows by points and color the level of activity of each member with Green being an indicator that the member is doing the level of activities to be successful. 

Statistics indicate that those members who are green typically earn 6x more than members not in the green. These activities include One to Ones, CEUs, visitors, sponsoring new members, etc. and if done effectively and efficiently are proven to help members build their business, get more referrals, and make more money.

Reporting is key, because both the PALMS report and the Power of One report are a direct result of members reporting their activities. Members are expected to report their weekly participation activity via BNIConnect on a weekly basis or use the BNIConnect Mobile app.

Recognition is a Core Value in BNI. Green Buttons are presented to those members who achieve Green on the Power of One Report each month.  Doing the recommended activities will bring members more success and a better return on investment. The Power of One report is for the previous six months of a member’s activities.

The Power of One Report is presented to each member of the chapter each month along with the criteria for the Power of One, i.e. the activities expected and how the scoring works.

The goal for the region is for 50% of Chapter Members to be ‘in the Green’ and no members in Grey. BNI is a marketing system to help members build relationships which leads to the trust of the other members wanting to help each other succeed. BNI presents many opportunities and education to help members understand how BNI works. BNI works if the member works. Often members are actually doing the activities, but aren’t reporting their activity. These activities are a good investment of a member’s time, if done effectively, and will result in more referrals and more business for the member.

What are the activities?

Attend Weekly Chapter Meeting.  Arrive on time and staying for the full 90 minutes and having a sub when absent.

1 Referral a Week

1 One to One per Week

1 CEU per Week

1 Visitor per Month

Sponsor 1 new member per year

Refer to the article 'Secret Formula for Success' for a more detailed explanation of each of these activities and why they are important to achieve success in BNI.

If you have any questions about any of this information, please ask your VP or your Support Director.

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