Sunday, December 25, 2022

Why is Reporting Important? AKA If it's NOT Reported - It Didn't Happen!

In this article, we are covering reporting which is very important to every member in BNI.  Everything is tracked, so if your activity, i.e. CEUs, 1-2-1s, referrals, TYFCB, etc. are not reported, they didn’t happen!  Every member is responsible for reporting their activity each week prior to their weekly meeting via BNIConnect or the BNI mobile app.  With the BNI Mobile App you can report as you go during the week.

These weekly reports roll up into monthly and yearly reports. This data provides valuable feedback to chapters on their performance as reported by the Chapter Traffic Light reports. In addition to the Chapter Traffic Light reports, the Palms data also provides feedback on the individual members via the Member Traffic Light Reports AKA Power of One Report.

So, why is reporting important? BNI was founded on structure, which is one of the major aspects that makes BNI different from other networking organizations. Being able to give the statistics for the organization is one reason many people in business want to become part of BNI. Our reporting shows a successful track record.

Anyone who is part of BNI knows our philosophy is Givers Gain. I recently read an article that talked about many aspects of BNI and how reporting demonstrates you're a contributing member of the group. It was a very interesting perspective. Here is the link - A Practical Litmus Test to Givers Gain.

BNI members commit to the Givers Gain® philosophy, whereby they work to give business to their fellow networkers, trusting in the principle of reciprocity for the growth of their own business. By measuring members’ giving of their time through meeting attendance and one-to-ones, their trust through referrals, their commitment to chapter growth through inviting visitors, and their commitment to personal growth through CEUs, the Power of One report serves as a litmus test for whether a member is committed to the Givers Gain® philosophy and shows their contribution to their fellow BNI Chapter Members.

Does your Power of One report show your commitment to the BNI Givers Gain philosophy?
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