Wednesday, September 4, 2019


This time of year the new incoming Leadership Team is getting prepared to take on their new positions as of October 1st.  There is BNI University online training as well as their attendance at one of the BNI Regional Summits.

So what does it mean to be a leader in BNI?  It means that the member has made the decision to step up and serve his or her chapter beyond that of just being a member.  This gives the member an opportunity to build their credibility within their chapter as well as the BNI community.  Often times members who make this commitment are tenured members, but then again it can be a newer member who is looking to be more involved.  Either way, BNI provides the training, mentoring, and guidance for each member to learn what they need to carry out their role and responsibilities successfully.

One of the most valued aspect of BNI is the training that is provided.  In Podcast #214, Dr. Misner asks the question, 'Would you want to fly in a plane with a person who had not been to pilot training?'  Yes, I realize that BNI training is not quite as critical as a pilot's training, however we do want our leaders trained in the best practices of their position.  

Many times I hear, well I've been with BNI for a number of years, why do I have to go thru this training?  Because things change.  BNI is always working to improve and to provide better ways of doing things.  And BNI wants everyone to be the best at their position as possible and for them to know what resources they have at their disposable to do their jobs successfully.  After all, most people are expected to take additional training in his/her given business to stay up to date with their field.  

The Leaders in a BNI Chapter set the tone and the pace of the Chapter.  If they are positive and working towards the good and goals of the chapter, then the members also want to be a part of that.  Speaking of Goals, now is the time the Leadership Team set the Goals for their upcoming term.  Where do you want to see your chapter a year from now?  What do you want your legacy to be?  How do you plan to achieve your goals?  Success just doesn't happen by accident, it takes creating a vision, establishing goals, and creating activities (mechanisms) to achieve those goals.

Keys to a Successful Year in Leadership:

1. Get Everyone on the Team Trained - Online and Live Summit
2.  Create a Chapter Vision and Set Chapter Goals
3.  Set Expectations - Share the Vision and Goals with Chapter
4.  Track Progress and adjust as needed
5.  Provide ongoing Recognition and Celebrate Success

Your Support Team is here to help you, i.e. Your Director Consultant, Area Director, Senior Director, and Executive Directors.  If you or your chapter need help or have questions, reach out.

To Your Success,

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